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52 Date Ideas – Coming Soon

My business is based on relationships. I like people and I want the best for them. Serving, encouraging and being loyal are part of who I am in business and in my personal life.

Beginning a business is not an easy task, no matter what type of business you are building. There are expenses, risks, ideas, education and many other thoughts going through your mind. As I wrap up my first year in Real Estate this month, I am focusing on how to blend “who I am” with “what I do.”

With that being said, I have been working on something to encourage the people around me to nurture their relationships with the resources around them. Coming soon, I will begin posting weekly ideas for community events and venues where you can spend time with someone you love (spouse, child, friend, grandparent, or anyone at all).

Be encouraged. Have fun with the people around you. Bookmark this blog and let me be a resource for you.

~ Jen